Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mixtape: Chilla Jones "The Juggernaut"

Chilla Jones's new mixtape Juggernaut is bangin'! I digs the Villain freestyle.

01 Juggernaut Intro (ft. Courtney Bennett)
02 Beantown Bullshit (ft. Dre Robinson) (Prod. by the Trackslayerz)
03 Stickin' To My Guns
04 Believer (ft. Riznut) (Prod. by the Trackslayerz)
05 Wassup Freestyle
06 I'm Back Freestyle
07 Hello, Good Morning freestyle (ft. Rod and RO)
08 Let You Down (ft. Swinn and Ahmir)
09 Mash-Up Freestyle
10 Wocka Flocka Freestyle
11 Jamn 94.5 Freestyle (ft. Alyssa Marie, Moomdaddy and Leeboy) (Prod. by Scotty B)
12 I Don't Give a Fuck (ft. C-Money and Ahmir)
13 Villain Freestyle
14 Diamonds and Pearls (ft. Paul Lowe Jr.) (Prod. by LTM & Dave Hill)
15 Stop & Go Freestyle (Prod. by the Trackslayerz)
16 Exhibit A Freestyle
17 Dreamchild (ft. Young Rich) (Prod. by the Trackslayerz)
18 Beamer, Benz or Bentley Freestyle
19 4 My Town Freestyle (ft. Swinn and Flintstone)
20 Unthinkable Freestyle
21 2012 (ft. BR and J The S) (Prod. by MaggBeatz)
22 Psycho (ft. Slaine) (Prod. by the Trackslayerz)
23 Redemption (Prod. by LTM)
24 Outro
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