Friday, November 5, 2010

Give The Drummer Some: Nick Audy

I've been huge fan of hip hop producers who use real drums on their tracks. If you have the right ear for music you can tell the difference. Having that organic drum sound really steps up a song to another level of awesomeness. There are a few producers from Detroit that record drummers for their tracks like Apollo Brown and Black Milk and to me, their music sounds ten times better than someone making a beat with Fruity Loops.

But enough about Detroit, we're here to talk about Massachusetts and I've recently stumbled upon a dope drummer from the area who makes remixes of hip hop songs and I must say the kid shreds! I especially dig his remix of "Workit/Superstar".

His name is Nick Audy and you can check out his remixes on his YouTube page.

Support him by liking him on his facebook fan page.
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