Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mixtape: Moufy "City Dreamin'" Hosted by DJ Moneybags

2 days after it's release Moufy's debut mixtape City Dreamin' already had an impressive 850 downloads. He's been said to be "one of dopest unsigned artists in the game" and with good reason. Moufy's style is hard to define since his music is so diverse. He's got everything from club bangers like "We In The Buildin' to emotional, story telling tracks like Lights Low and Cry a Tear. In a city that's inundated with hood rappers Moufy brings a breath of fresh air for fans who are looking for a little bit more than thug violence. Any fan of true hip hop music can relate to Moufy and you can tell from listening to City Dreamin' that he puts his heart and soul into everything he spits. Be sure to follow Moufy on Twitter and Facebook.

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