Thursday, March 10, 2011

MP3 Single: M-Dot "Open Heart Surgery" ft. Virtuoso, King Magnetic, VKnuckles (of NBS), Singapore Kane, Red Eye, EFlash (of NBS) (Produced By Snowgoons)

Check out Boston Music Award winner M-Dot along with underground hip-hop legend Virtuoso, King Magnetic, Singapore Kane, N.B.S. (E'Flash & V.Knuckles), and Red Eye (of The Closers). All over production courtesy of the European hip-hop collective Snowgoons (who featured M-Dot, Virtuoso, and N.B.S. on their recent album Kraftwerk).

Also be sure not to miss M-Dot's CD release and pre-Euro going away party at The Bar Room tomorrow March 11th. 

M-Dot currently has two albums available on iTunes: Run MPC and Making Doubters Over Think. You can also get hard copies from

Download Open Heart Surgery from MediaFire.
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