Friday, June 15, 2012

Scope Urban Apparel Links with Boston Organization to Raise Consciousness

Scope Urban Apparel has teamed up with their close friends and comrades Voices of Liberation (VOL) in creating a series of tees to spread the message and mission of VOL. VOL is a community based organization dedicated to empowering youth to change their lives and the conditions of their communities through education, coalition building, organizing and direct action. These tees will help raise funds for VOL programs which include educating and mobilizing youth and community around a variety of local and global issues, meeting basic needs like feeding hungry and homeless, and organizing cultural community events to uplift consciousness and provide spaces for positive creative expression.

The “Louder than Words” Line features graphic tees depicting inspirational revolutionaries like Assata Shakur and Lolita Lebron paired with powerful quotes: messages of resistance and empowerment and symbols of a heritage of struggle. This release also coincides with the introduction of Scope Kids – several tees for infants and toddlers – the next generation to take on this legacy. Scope and VOL are proud to send a strong message with the new tees and help encourage political consciousness and activism in youth with the addition of children’s sizes.

Proceeds go directly to Voices of Liberation and funding their work in the community. Tees available from
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