Friday, February 16, 2018

Single: Burly x Sixxexx "You Can't Rap"

It's been eight years since Burly and Sixxexx (of INFINITTI) worked together but they killed it on their track, You Can't Rap. Stay tuned for BurlyLife4 coming soon. Credits to Hush Harding for the album art.


  1. Fn terrible, THE REAL iNFiNiTTi version buries this shit. Will reject (Burly) ever rap on beat, or make his own rhyme scheme?! Its only been ova a decade

    1. Shuts your god dam mouth BLOCO, Cause u suck dick. U fucking destroyed hytown records. and u getting left in the dust LMAO! u would never even make a BLOG like this... Dumb Fuck

    2. No he is a fake, seen his notepads where he bites other rappers. Just a dumb duck that has no real flow or talent


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